Vacuum Packaging, Vapor Barrier Bag Packaging and Waterproof Packing

Vacuum Packaging, Vapor Barrier, & Waterproof Packing

  • Moisture and Corrosion protection
  • Low Humidity, Vacuum Sealed environment
  • Moisture and Humidity Sensor options
  • We offer vacuum packaging, barrier bagging and waterproofing for loads of most weight and sizes.  
  • We offer floating deck and cushion base crates for shipping protection.
Cargo protected with Vacuum Packing & Vapor Barrier Packaging

Vacuum Packing, Vapor Barrier packaging, Barrier Bagging all protect Cargo from Moisture and Corrosion during shipment

Vacuum Packaging and Barrier Bag Packaging: Protecting Cargo

MEI provides a wide range of services to protect loads of most weight and sizes with vacuum packaging, vapor barrier bagging, and waterproofing.   

Protect your sensitive equipment.

Cargo that will be shipped or stored in moist environments requires added protection from corrosion.  Salt water on long ocean voyages is particularly damaging to equipment, even in ocean containers.   Electronic equipment that will be shipped by ocean container should always be packed in a moisture barrier bag, with dessicant.  To resist corrosion, these vapor barrier bags are then sealed, and vacuumed, so that the air is removed, reducing the moisture even further.  Humidity indicators can be included to ensure the receiver that moisture and corrosion have not intruded on the waterproof packing.

Vapor barrier packaging for moisture protection is defined by mil spec MIL-STD-2073. 

 In addition, MEI offers floating deck and cushion base crates for shipping protection.

On-site and in-house packaging services.

Waterproof Packing of Equipment & Cargo

Moisture is a constant concern for crates for export, cargo shipping or storage because condensation may develop in the hold of a ship even if it is equipped with air conditioning and a dehumidifier. Any stored or shipped cargo may also be unloaded in precipitation, or the foreign port may not have covered storage facilities.

Vacuum Packaging & Vapor Barriers Options:

  • Vacuum Packing – including Cleanroom Compatible
  • Vacuum Packaging & Vacuum Sealing (MIL-C-131 class I, II & III)
  • Vapor Barrier Packaging
  • Barrier Bag & Desiccant Option- Ensures Protection from ambient moisture
  • VCI wrapping (corrosion inhibition)
  • Waterproof paper crate lining
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Foam Cushioning
  • Tilt & Shock Monitoring Options
  • Anti-static Bubble Wrap
  • Stretch Wrap Options

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  • Moisture & corrosion protection from Vacuum Packing

    Vacuum Packing provides the highest level of moisture and corrosion protection

  • Cargo protected with Vapor Barrier Bagging

    Barrier Bagging

  • Shrink Wrapping provides moisture protection

    Shrink Wrapping provides moisture protection