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For the fastest response and most reliable quotes emailed directly to you, please send your overall dimensions, quantities, and descriptions for your shipment, as well as how you plan to send your freight (truck, air, sea, etc.). If you have photos or drawings please include those as well. We may need to get back to you for additional information but getting these details upfront will give our team a head start. Most quotes are responded to within the hour, and jobs are typically quoted within 24 hours of receipt. Please note urgent quotations in your subject-line. Our team loos forward to hearing from you and thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

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If you are happy with your quote, the MEI Rigging & Crating team will coordinate with you to complete a seamless end-to-end operation. Our industry-leading professionals have the in-house tools, experience and expertise to safely and successfully execute even the most complicated projects. For more information about our work, you can view our project portfolio or take a closer look at our service offerings, including Rigging & Heavy Machinery Moving, Industrial Warehousing & Commercial storage, Factory & Plant Relocation, Crating & Export Packing, and Industrial Millwright & Mechanical Services.

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Thank you for your interest in MEI Rigging & Crating. We have 15 locations stationed across twelve states — California, Texas, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, DC, Arizona, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Georgia and Pennsylvania — providing us with a full nationwide reach. Whether you need to move across the street or across the globe, we would love to hear from you. We look forward to learning more about your business and how our team can help you along the way.