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Industry Articles - How to become a rigger

How to Become a Rigger or Machinery Mover

Riggers and machinery movers have the knowledge and skills necessary to rig and lift heavy...
MEI Crating Company

Costs to Build a Wood Crate In-house VS Partnering with A Crating Company

Building a wood crate to protect and ship your equipment can be expensive and time-consuming...
Modular Construction and Data Center project

Modular Construction: Why You Need A Full-Service, Experienced Rigging Company

Modular construction involves prefabricating components of a structure in an off-site, controlled environment, then transporting...
Switchboard storage

Streamline Your Mission Critical Equipment Install with a Full-Service Rigging Company

With the perpetual growth in data storage and computing needs, larger and more densely concentrated...
Streamline Your Heavy Equipment Install and Relocation

Streamline Your Heavy Equipment Install & Relocation

Moving heavy equipment and machinery can be a stressful challenge. Companies across many industries, including...
Data Center Storage MEI

Data Center Equipment Storage – Is it Covered or Insured?

As supply chain disruption has forced a shift away from Just-In-Time (JIT) construction strategies, warehousing...

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