Specialty Medical Equipment Rigging

MEI has extensive experience in moving a wide array of medical equipment, including moving MRI, X-ray, CT and PET systems. We move medical lab instruments, including sample handling systems, centrifuge, and analytical devices. We specialize in sensitive, large, awkward and heavy medical equipment moves.  Since you know your medical equipment best, we work with you to determine the best handling and shipping techniques for your specific type of shipment.

MRI Rigging & Moving Specialists

MEI are specialists in MRI machines and MRI Magnet moving and care.  We not only provide the rigging and moving services but provide MRI Cold Storage at our Dallas and Houston facilities.  In MEI’s MRI Cold Storage, magnets are monitored daily, checking for helium levels, compressor operation, and magnet shield temperatures.  We have chillers and compressors that are capable of supporting multiple MRI Magnets in Cold Storage.

Medical Equipment Moving Professionals

Our highly trained crews are aware of the contamination, vibration and condensation issues associated with medical equipment moving. We have the specialized crate designs and equipment, including floating decks, air casters, poly dollies, and Rol-A-Lift, to safely and securely handle and move sensitive medical machinery.  We work with vendors to rig and move hazardous and radioactive equipment.

MEI’s experts provide reliability, on-time delivery, damage-free moves, proper safety, and property protection. We know that working in and moving sensitive medical labs and scientific environments require protocols, proactive communication, responsiveness, knowledgeable personnel, and professionalism. Our employees are trained in cleanroom protocols and procedures. MEI is a medical equipment mover that you can trust, and we will ensure that your medical equipment move is trouble-free, and the installation of your Medical equipment or MRI goes smoothly.

  • MEI has chillers and compressors capable of supporting multiple MRI Magnets in cold storage.
  • We have specialized crate designs and equipment
  • We train our employees in cleanroom protocols and procedures.

We Move the Following Medical Equipment:

  • MRI machinery (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • X-ray Equipment
  • CAT Scanners/CT Scanners
  • Catheterization Cath Labs
  • Radiology Rad Room Equipment
  • Mammography/Mammogram Systems
  • C-Arms
  • Fluoroscopy Equipment
  • Endoscopy Equipment
  • Bone Densitometer Machines
  • PET Equipment
  • Oncology machinery
  • Ultrasound Equipment
  • Nuclear Medicine Equipment
  • High-Value Computer Systems
  • Blood Irradiators
  • Spectroscopes
  • Medical labs
  • Medical lab instruments
  • Sample handling systems
  • Centrifuge
  • Analytical devices

Medical Equipment Rigging

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