Dallas, Texas — April 2017

MEI Dallas Uses One Acre of Outside Secured Storage to Coordinate Containerizing 36 trucks with 720,000 lbs. of Cargo

APRIL 26, 2017, DALLAS, TX – In a recent project that required careful planning, MEI accepted the challenge to move 720,000 pounds of machinery, in more than 700 crates and load it into shipping containers. The project took weeks of planning, an experienced team, 36 flatbed trucks, and a full acre of secured storage area for staging. MEI’s Dallas yard in Plano, Texas was the site of this three-day undertaking.

The client needed a quick turnaround on the project, and MEI handled the coordination with a detailed project plan. Each crate received was about 10,000 lbs. and required two Versa Lifts to unload and load. All 700 crates were received at the staging yard, offloaded, marked, and then loaded into the appropriate shipping container, where they were then blocked and braced for transit. Eighteen 40-foot shipping containers were used for the project.

Given the size of the project and tight logistics, it took multiple days and careful planning. 36 trucks were staggered by an hour and a half; using six trucks a day, three being loaded and three being offloaded as the work was completed.

“This kind of project is a great example of the teamwork that exists at our Dallas location,” says Kenny Poovey, MEI Rigging & Crating Dallas Crating Manager, “planning and coordination is where our teams really shine. Moving this many pieces of heavy equipment, combined with the sheer size of each piece, really required specialized equipment and teams. Turning it around in three days was possible because of our storage space, and showcases our turnkey project coordination.”

MEI’s crating division specializes in export packing and crating, custom crates, tradeshow crates, reusable crates and blocking and bracing shipping containers.


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Project Facts

  • Full Name: Secured Storage Coordination with 36 Trucks
  • Date & Length of Project: 3 Days to complete with 1 week of planning
  • Equipment Used: 25/35 and 40/60 VersaLifts
  • What was Equipment Used For: Offloading a total of 18 trucks and loading 18 trucks with 10,000 pounds, 15 foot long crates.
  • What was being Moved: Crated Machinery


Dallas, TX

April, 2017

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