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Rigging Services, Crane Services, Heavy Rigging & Industrial Rigging

Specialty Rigging Services

Rigging Services Include:

Crane Rigging Services:

Get your equipment, machinery and cargo delivered - on the first floor or 20 stories up - 2000 or 20,000 lbs. - inside or out.

Heavy Rigging Services:

Specialized heavy lifting, moving of machinery and relocating entire plants - locally or overseas.

Industrial Rigging Services:

De-install, rig, crate, install - have your industrial equipment and machinery moved.

Rigging Clients we serve:

  • Cleanroom & Semiconductor
  • Electronics 
  • Generators
  • Medical Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Oil Field & Petroleum
  • Production Lines
  • Warehousing

We've Moved:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Very large screen displays
  • Foundry equipment
  • Sculptures
  • Theme park equipment
  • Inkjet assembly lines
  • Medical equipment
  • Air handlers
  • Injection molds
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Material handling systems
  • CNC's, Presses, Lathes
  • Generators
  • Data Center Equipment
  • Semiconductor Factories & Equipment
  • Flight simulators
  • Oil Field Equipment
  • Laboratory equipment

Industrial Equipment / Heavy Machinery Rigging with a Versa-Lift

Trust MEI's team for all your Industrial Equipment & Heavy Machinery Rigging services.

Safety is paramount on every MEI rigging project. Using highly skilled / certified riggers, our crews are trained to provide timeliness, attention to detail, top-notch service, and safe work conditions. All OSHA and plant-specific safety requirements are adhered to always, with no exceptions.

Less Stress, No Surprises.

With over 20 years of experience in rigging heavy industrial and manufacturing equipment, and over 1 BILLION DOLLARS of equipment moved, there aren't many things we haven't moved. Using state-of-the-art equipment, MEI moves individual machines to entire plants, sensitive medical equipment to industrial CNC machines.

Rigging Case Study:

In a Downtown Dallas Project,
MEI Gives Lift with a Helicopter

The project involved a large volume electric gear, ranging from under a 1000 pounds to over 23,000 pounds, was completed without any disruption, whatsoever, in business for the client. Each piece of electrical switchgear equipment took less than a minute to move by helicopter as all the equipment had been pre-rigged for flight. Read more...

Dallas Helicopter Rigging Project

What Customers Have To Say

"MEI's Team performed in a safe, professional, and outstanding manner." "… the job was completed above my expectations and faster than I thought possible. At all times they were neat and worked safely. I was very impressed with the crew. They acted as one team and displayed very professional attitudes the entire time."

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Breadth and Depth of Experience – More than a Billion Dollars Worth. Call MEI today! (877) 858-3270

MEI Rigging & Crating has moved billions of dollars of equipment. We have experience in moving entire machine shops, including computerized CNC milling machines and lathes. We have relocated hydraulic presses and have crated and moved assembly lines overseas, including an 84,000-pound glass inspection line.

Dangerous Goods Declarations for:

  • International Air Transport Assoc. (IATA)
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG)
  • U.S. Dept. of Transportation (DOT)

Built on Commitment: Integrity, Quality, Safety

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