Industrial Generator Move


Date of project: February 15, 2021
Location of project: Salt Lake City, UT
Project: Setting Generator 17,000 lbs
Dimensions: 17’ L x 6’ W x 10’ H
Equipment Used: 5K telehandler (larger lifts would not fit nor have the floor weight capacity for the shoring)
Partner on project: Rydalch Electric

The MEI Rigging & Crating experienced team of riggers methodically moved an industrial generator through several difficult locations. The crew lifted the generator with a crane and then proceeded through a parking structure, up a ramp and onto an elevated housekeeping pad. This was all done with extremely low overhead clearance at every turn.

MEI thrives when complex projects such as this arise. We consistently deliver exceptional results for even the most demanding and challenging moves.

Salt Lake City, UT

February 15, 2021

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