Heavy & Industrial Machinery Moving Services

Heavy Machinery Moving

Machinery Moving Includes:

Industrial Machinery Moving

  • Air conditioning units
  • Foundry equipment
  • Air handlers
  • Injection molds
  • Generators

Heavy Machinery Moving

  • Theme park equipment 
  • Inkjet assembly lines 
  • CNC's, Presses, Lathes
  • Manufacturing equipment 
  • Material handling systems 
  • An 84,000-pound glass inspection line
  • Complete assembly and packaging lines
  • Milling and industrial equipment
  • Packaging and production lines
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Punches
  • Conveyors
  • Turrets
  • Printing presses

Medical Equipment Moving

  • MRI machines
  • X-ray equipment
  • CAT / CT Scanners
  • Mammography Systems
  • Ultrasound Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment

Cleanroom & Semiconductor Moving

Electronic Equipment Moving

Offering Machinery Warehousing

With several warehouses throughout the southwest and Texas, MEI's industrial machinery movers can provide reliable storage, warehousing and distribution services.

Expert Machinery Moving

Trust MEI's team for all your Machinery Moving Services

Moving All Kinds of Heavy Machinery

Fully licensed and insured, the professionals at MEI Rigging & Crating are your industrial machinery moving experts. Specializing in a wide range of turn-key machinery moving and relocations, our industrial movers move everything from heavy equipment to delicate machinery, entire plants, and large and odd-sized equipment. 

With the equipment needed to move heavy machinery smoothly and safely, MEI's 40/60 Versa-Lift forklift can handle jobs from 40,000 - 60,000 pounds, while the 60/80 Versa-Lift can handle loads up to 80,000 pounds. With safety a paramount focus at MEI, our professionals will make the daunting task of getting your machines moved stress-fress.

Less Stress, No Surprises.

With over 20 years of experience in machinery moving, and over 1 BILLION DOLLARS of equipment moved, there aren't many things we haven't moved. Using state-of-the-art equipment, MEI moves individual machines to entire plants, sensitive medical equipment to industrial CNC machines.

Machinery Moving Project Feature:

MEI Gives Lift to a Large
Government Defense Contractor

For one giant government defense contractor, a move of sensitive equipment needed to be executed perfectly and on time, but for MEI Rigging & Crating, it was a regular Tuesday. MEI Rigging & Crating was tasked with moving hundreds of pieces of sensitive equipment and tooling over a 3-week span. Execution took weeks of planning, and a large crew and specialized packing and rigging equipment. It was completed flawlessly, as required. Read more...

Machinery Moving for an American Government Defense Contrator

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MEI Provides Turn-Key Services including:

Read more about MEI's Turnkey Project Coordination & Project Management, for a one-stop solution for your machinery move.

Uncompromising customer focus

Our stellar performance record, coupled with our professionalism, attention to detail, and experience, brings our customers back again and again for all their rigging and moving needs.

Serving the Southwest US and Nationwide

For the right job, MEI machinery movers will go anywhere in America. We're positioned for quick, cost-effective response from our locations in Texas, Arizona, and Utah.

Built on Commitment: Integrity, Quality, Safety

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    Heavy Machinery Moving