Streamline Your Heavy Equipment Install and Relocation Projects with a Full-Service Rigging Company

Moving heavy equipment and machinery can be a stressful challenge. Companies across many industries, including manufacturing, automotive, data center, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and more, are partnering with full-service rigging companies that handle all aspects of critical equipment rigging and moving from storage to transportation to installation. Explore the benefits of opting for an experienced turn-key rigging company over hiring multiple contractors for these challenging rigging jobs or full plant relocation projects.


  1. Comprehensive Expertise:

When it comes to the handling of heavy machinery or sensitive equipment, it is essential to have a team of professional riggers who possess the necessary expertise and experience. By choosing an experienced full-service rigging company, you gain access to a dedicated team that specializes in all aspects of handling sensitive equipment and heavy machinery, including storage, transportation, rigging, and installation. Experienced turnkey rigging companies ensure every step of a project is handled by their own trained and skilled professionals who understand the value of the equipment and challenges of the job site environment, such as tight schedules or tight spaces. Turnkey rigging companies also have the proper equipment required to complete complex and intricate moves, which saves customers time and money.


  1. Seamless Coordination:

Coordinating multiple contractors for different tasks in a plant or factory relocation project can be a logistical nightmare. Each contractor may have their own schedules, priorities, and communication methods, leading to potential delays, miscommunication, and increased project management efforts. By opting for a full-service rigging solution, you eliminate the need for juggling multiple contractors. A single point of contact streamlines the coordination process, ensuring efficient communication and seamless execution of the rigging project.


  1. Time and Cost Efficiency:

Hiring multiple contractors for storage, transportation, rigging, and millwrighting can be time-consuming and costly. Each contractor will have their own pricing structure, which may vary significantly. Additionally, managing multiple contracts, invoices, and schedules can lead to administrative Inefficiencies. In contrast, a full-service rigging company offers a consolidated solution, simplifying the procurement process and potentially reducing costs.


  1. Risk Mitigation:

Hiring multiple contractors increases the risk of miscommunication, mishandling, and potential damage to your valuable assets. A full-service rigging company assumes full responsibility of your critical equipment across its entire lifecycle, reducing the number of parties and number of times the equipment is handled.


  1. Enhanced Project Management:

Managing multiple contractors can be a daunting task, requiring significant project management efforts. By choosing a full-service rigging solution, you simplify the project management process. A single contractor takes ownership of the entire project, providing you with a dedicated project manager who oversees every aspect, from storage to installation. This allows you to focus on your core business activities while ensuring a smooth and efficient equipment installation process.


MEI Rigging & Crating is your turnkey, full-service rigging solution, from receiving your equipment to setting in place on site when needed.

Receive > Store > Re-Load > Transport > Rig > Millwright

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