The Tree of Ténéré


Date of project: November 2021
Location of project: Dallas, TX
Project: Setting Artwork, The Tree of Ténéré (Heart of the tree 4,189 lbs. Limbs of the tree 2,425 to 1,323 lbs Branches 55 lbs.)

The Tree of Ténéré explores the inherent connectivity of nature and technology in the form of a tree-shaped light sculpture located outdoors in the center of The Epic in Dallas, TX. The tree is named after the iconic and isolated tree once located in the Sahara Desert. MEI was contracted by KDC Real Estate and the Tree of Ténéré artist Studio Drift to receive the tree artwork into our warehouse in Plano, TX then inventory all items prior to delivery.

MEI worked with Studio Drift to load, transport, offload and assemble the artwork onsite. The MEI crating department also assisted with the loading out of the equipment for delivery to site as the components of the tree were extremely fragile and required specialized tie down methods to minimize hazards and or possible damage. The MEI team had to install each leaf on the tree and install the tree itself. MEI used a crane, scissor lift and forklifts as required for assembly. The project took over 6 months to coordinate with the artwork coming from overseas. The project was executed as planned without any delays or issues onsite. MEI specializes in unique and tedious projects such as the Tree of Ténéré.

Dallas, TX

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