Setting of Generators for Mission Critical Data Center

The MEI Dallas crew recently took part in a Stack Infrastructure Mission Critical Data Center project in Plano, Texas. The team was brought on to provide all necessary manpower and equipment needed to offload and set two large generators in place. The generators estimated a total of 180,000 lbs. Due to the size and weight of the generators; road closures were needed to provide access to the site which was handled by The Plano Police Department. MEI collaborated with a local crane company, who provided a 600-ton hydraulic crane. The massive crane played a crucial role in safely lifting and placing the generators in their designated locations. The project was successfully completed over three days, right on schedule. MEI has extensive experience in the mission critical data center industry. Contact us today for your next critical lift.


Date of project: July 2023
Location of project: Plano, Texas
Project: Setting of Generators for Mission Critical Data Center 
Equipment Used: 600-ton hydraulic crane

Plano, Texas

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