New System Install w/ 25,000 lb. Boiler Replacement


Date of project: May 2023
Location of project: Morrisville, PA
Project: New Outdoor Bag House, Scrubber System, Mezzanine, and a Boiler, 25,000+ lbs
Equipment Used: 25/35 Versa-Lift, 70-ton crane, lifting tower, collapsible tower, a 15,000 lb. Capacity forklift, skates and dollies.

A&A Machinery Moving was contracted by a metal recycling plant to carry out the replacement of an old system with a newer version. The old system comprised several major components, with the largest being a 23,000 lb. boiler situated on the second floor approximately 18 feet above ground level. The project commenced with the installation of a new outdoor bag house and scrubber system, which were positioned and secured using a 70-ton crane. Once the interior installation began, the team first assembled the three-piece mezzanine structure. Subsequently, they used a 25/35 Versa-Lift and a lifting tower to hoist the mezzanine to a height of approximately 20 feet. The individual units were then placed beneath the mezzanine using a 25/35 Versa-Lift. Next, the new 25,000 lb. boiler needed to be elevated to the mezzanine. The crew utilized a collapsible tower and positioned the boiler onto it and raised it to the height of the mezzanine. A high mast 15,000 lb. capacity forklift and skates were employed to roll the boiler from the tower onto the mezzanine. The team flipped the dollies over and rolled the boiler into its designated location strategically placing the dollies only where the load could be supported without overwhelming the mezzanine structure. By distributing the weight appropriately, the crew ensured that the mezzanine could handle the load without excessive point loading on the dolly wheels.

By successfully navigating the limited space and carrying out the installation without disrupting the plant’s ongoing activities, the crew demonstrated their professionalism, efficiency, and adaptability.

Morrisville, PA

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