Salt Lake City, Utah — August 2017


MEI Rigging & Crating successfully tackled a new installation challenge that represents the future of new or refurbished factory construction.

The two-month-long, retrofit project involved moving and lifting one hundred and fifty 8 feet x 32 feet, utility modules that are set and bolted onto elevated steel. The average weight of the modules is about 4,000 pounds, with the heaviest being 6,200 pounds.

Instead of running single lines, MEI installed pre-built modules that were built by engineering construction integrator NEHP, Inc. of Williston, VT.

“Anybody interested in retrofitting a factory or building a new one will most likely be using this new construction process,” says Shelby Standefer, MEI Rigging & Crating’s Utah General Manager, “and in part thanks to this two-month project, we are more knowledgeable in the installation of these utility modules.”

MEI offers cost-effective facilities outsource and on-site services to enhance the use and productivity of a customer’s assets. MEI will place a factory team on the site to be on call to handle your facilities moving, coordinating, installation, maintenance and/or logistics needs.

Whether we are simply supplying rigging resources or managing a complete equipment furnishings and logistics program, we deliver commitment-based service to semiconductor, commercial and industrial clients.

About Utility Modules:

Large, modularized sections of manufacturing utility supply systems, electrical systems, exhaust ducts, plumbing drain systems, gas lines, and water lines can be rapidly built and commissioned for a startup in a fraction of the time that a traditional build-out would take.

Project Facts

  • Full Name: Pre-built Utility Module Retrofit Project
  • Length of Project: 2 Months
  • Equipment Used: 15K Forklift, Scissor Lifts, Custom Lifting Carts, and other rigging hand tools and assists
  • What was Equipment Used For: Moving and lifting 150 8’ x 32’ utility modules, units will be set and bolted onto elevated steel
  • What was being Moved: Pre-built Utility Modules
  • Location Involved: MEI Rigging & Crating Utah



August, 2017

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