Grizzly Conveyor Installation

A&A Machinery Moving was contracted by a local recycling company to handle the installation of a new Grizzly Conveyor as well as the removal of an existing model. There was a challenge, however, with limited headroom due to a beam obstructing the front of the conveyor. The A&A Machinery Moving crew successfully overcame this challenge by using a 40/60 Versa-Lift with boom and special extension. The team did a double-point pick on the unit while utilizing chain falls to make necessary adjustments.

In the past, the customer had to cut a section of the roof to perform similar tasks.  However, the A&A Machinery Moving specialized equipment made it possible to complete the job without requiring any modifications to the roof or the beam in front of the conveyor.  A&A Machinery Moving professionals worked with precision to manage this heavy lifting and rigging Grizzly Conveyor installation.  All in all, processes were handled perfectly.  The project was executed safely within a single working day, ensuring minimal downtime for the customer.  This allowed their operations to continue without significant interruption.


Date of project: July 2023
Location of project: Chester, PA
Project: Install Grizzly Conveyor with limited headroom using special extension
Equipment Used: 40/60 Versa-Lift with boom and special extension and chain falls.   

Chester, PA

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