Demolition and Scrapping of an Extruder Machine Line


Date of project: April, 2023
Location of project: Rome, GA
Project: Lifting extruder machine line, press weighed 85,000 lbs

MEI was commissioned to conduct the demolition of an existing extruder line and remove from site. The extruder line consisted of the main press, oven, conveyor system (150ft. h x 75ft. w). The extruder line took three weeks of work with eight MEI personnel working 10-12 hour days due to the rigorous work of having to cut, remove bolts etc.

Equipment used for project

Versa Lift 100/140 to remove the main press unit from the pit.  Machine weight of 85,000 lbs.

Versa Lift 40/60 to remove smaller support pieces from the main press.

Hyster 15k forklift for smaller components and the conveyor line.

The customer’s new extruder machine is coming in June 2023 which we will re-install for them. The new extruder press will be delivered in one piece weighing 160,000 lbs. Due to the size and weight of the press, it will be transferred from the delivery trailer to a goldhofer platform trailer. Using this trailer, the machine will be brought into the building and positioned for an overhead gantry pick into the press pit. Stay tuned!

Rome, GA

April 2023

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