Data Center Prefabricated Electrical Skid


Date of project: January 2020
Location of project: Richardson, TX
Project: Setting Prefabbed Electrical Skid, 45,000 lbs

MEI rigged a prefabricated electrical skid onto the second level at a Data Center. Using a tandem critical lift it was drifted in through the wall opening. Once inside, the skid was skated and moved into position for the electrical contractor to perform final install for operation. The electrical skid was about 50ft in length and weighed 45,000 lbs. Due to the electrical skids weight not being evenly distributed, MEI skilled riggers had to make precise adjustments to find the center of gravity. MEI riggers are highly capable of safely and efficiently rigging equipment on second levels, basements and in tight spaces. Challenging sites and conditions are common for MEI, we’re happy to find a solution.

Richardson, TX

January 2020

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