Chilkoot Totem Pole Relocation


Date of project: November 2023
Location of project: Atlanta, GA
Project: Historical artifact relocation project, which included construction of a custom wood shipping crate and vacuum bag with protective foam elements for the journey to its new home.
Equipment Used: 25/35 Versa-lift, lifting straps, and an 8k forklift

Recently, the MEI Atlanta crew took part in a historical artifact relocation crating project at the Delta Flight Museum. The Chilkoot Totem Pole is a cultural significant artifact, carved by the Alaskan Chilkoot in 1969 and resided in the museum for a decade after being gifted to Western Airlines. The MEI crating team constructed a custom wood shipping crate and vacuum bag with protective foam elements for its journey to its new home. On-site the MEI rigging crew detached the support cables holding the totem in place. Using straps for rigging and a 25/35 Versa-Lift, the Totem Pole was laid down and placed into the crate base. To protect the Totem Pole during shipment, it was placed inside of a sealed vacuum bag with desiccants, stacker braces and heated shrink wrap. The artifact was loaded onto a truck with an 8k forklift and headed out to its Alaskan destination.

At MEI, we have the training and experience to safely move or lift valuable and sensitive equipment. We also provide the required protection of your sensitive equipment with our specialized wood shipping crate designs. Learn more about the Chilkoot Totem Pole history: Delta Museum totem artifact

Atlanta, GA

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