60,000 lb. Press Installation


Date of project: May 2023
Location of project: Tempe, AZ
Project: Lifting a press weighing 60,000 lbs

The MEI Phoenix location was approached by a manufacturing company to assess the feasibility of installing a 60,000 lb. press. The customer’s primary concern was the height inside the building, as they preferred not to cut a hole in the roof. After evaluating the requirements, MEI proposed an alternative solution using Versa-Lift forklifts. 

To execute the installation, the MEI team utilized two 40/60 Versa-Lifts to unload the press from the truck and stage it inside the building. Once the press was on the ground, the team utilized boom attachments and rigged the top of the press in preparation for lifting. Ensuring stability, the crew had another forklift positioned at the bottom of the press. With the necessary precautions in place, the MEI team began the lifting process, raising the press straight up and eventually standing it upright. 

After achieving the desired position, the crew carefully maneuvered the press into place as directed by the customer. Our team ensured that the press was securely set at location per customer. When you have a challenging, tight space you are working with, MEI is able to take on the job. Our riggers have the experience and ability to move and lift in confined spaces. 

Tempe, AZ

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