Dallas, Texas — June 2017

JUNE 29, 2017, DALLAS, TX –

It took a special ocean container and a boatload of creativity for MEI Rigging & Crating to crate and ship an Olympic sized rowboat to Pakistan.

A 45-foot container was needed to perfectly fit the boat along with two rowing machines and accessories like cables and oars that go along with the boat. A generous MEI client donated the boat and all items to the Karachi Boat Club of Pakistan.

The 4-day project involved creative use of angles and ocean bracing, partly inspired by the extent of the client’s generosity to donate the boat, considering the cost to crate and ship these items by a container. It by no means was an inexpensive boat, but the work to crate and ship it cost more than the boat itself.

The standard ocean container is 40-feet long, but the fiberglass boat was 47-feet long, forcing MEI to find a longer container instead. MEI had to use intuition and forward-thinking to design a way to load the boat into the container at an angle.

“This was a unique, yet challenging project,” says Kenny Poovey, MEI Rigging & Crating Dallas Operations Manager, “given that 45-foot ocean containers are not standard and not easy to find, but MEI once again partnered with the right vendor to get the job done.”

MEI are professionals at Blocking and Bracing Ocean Containers for all types of cargo, for air, sea or land transport.

Project Facts

  • Full Name: Donation to The Karachi Boat Club of Pakistan
  • Date & Length of Project: 4 Days
  • Equipment Used: Crating Tools and Equipment
  • Moved From/Move To: Dallas, Texas/Karachi, Pakistan
  • What was being Moved: 47-Foot Olympic Sized Fiberglass Boat


Dallas, TX

June, 2017

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