18,000 lb. Generator Installation


Date of project: May 2023
Location of project: Wilmington, DE
Project: 18,000 lb. Generator Installation
Equipment Used: 1970 Vintage Taylor Forklift, lifting tower, tug bar and a come along

A&A Machinery Moving took on a unique project involving the installation of an 18,000 lb. generator in a residential area. The presence of overhead wires would have made it difficult to use a crane for the installation, as switching off the power would have inconvenienced the neighbors along with the project site. The main transformer had already been positioned prior, obstructing the direct path from the street to the generator’s designated resting place. The team’s goal was to stay below the wires, avoid the transformer on the right and maneuver around the neighboring building while descending the loading docks angled slope. A Vintage 1970 Taylor Forklift was used to unload the generator from the truck and to place it onto a lifting tower. The tower was secured to the forklift and titled to maintain level while driving downhill to the dock area. Once the desired location was reached, the tower was landed onto crib piles to maintain stability. The generator was transferred onto dollies and the team used a tug bar and a come along to move the generator onto the pad. During this process, the generator was also rotated 90 degrees to ensure it faced the correct direction. The crew did a fantastic job making the challenge at hand look easy. The customer was extremely satisfied with the problem-solving abilities and professionalism displayed by the A&A Machinery Moving team.

Wilmington, DE

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