Export Packing & Crating for Complete Protection

Breakbulk Cargo Packing – Build Requirements

Packing and crating for export requires stronger build requirements.

 “Besides the normal handling encountered in domestic transportation, a breakbulk shipment transported by ocean freight may be loaded aboard vessels in a net or by a sling, conveyor, or chute, that puts an added strain on the package. During the voyage, goods may be stacked on top of or come into violent contact with other goods. Overseas, handling facilities may be less sophisticated than in the United States and the cargo could be dragged, pushed, rolled, or dropped during unloading, while moving through customs, or in transit to the final destination.”  -Export.gov

Vapor Barrier Bagging – Moisture Protection

When packing and crating for overseas shipment, moisture is a constant concern. Condensation may develop in the hold of a ship even if it is equipped with air conditioning and a dehumidifier. Additionally, cargo may also be unloaded in the rain or fog, or the foreign port may not have covered storage facilities – enter MEI custom-built export crates.

Export Crates – Built Right

International Shipping Takes its Toll

Exporters should be aware of the demands that international shipping puts on packaged goods. MEI’s export packing and crating pros keep four potential problems in mind when designing an export shipping crate: breakage, moisture, pilferage, and excess weight. With custom-designed and built export crates, your cargo will arrive at its final destination in perfect condition.

Protecting Your Goods: Pilferage and Theft

Theft and pilferage are added risks for international shipments. MEI’s export packing and crating use safeguards include using straps, seals, container locks and shrink wrapping.

Hazardous Materials Packing and Labeling

MEI will help you observe any product-specific hazardous materials packing requirements.

Additional Crating Services:

MEI also offers blocking and bracing of ocean containers
and Crate Stamps and Export Documentation

Large or small, Breakbulk or Equipment, MEI will prepare your shipment for export with complete protection

Complete Export Packing Services

  • ISPM 15 Crates
  • Hood Boxing
  • Vapor Barrier / Waterproofing
  • Export Stamps and Documentation
  • Custom Crates
  • Blocking and Bracing Ocean Containers