MEI Rigging & Crating Recognized by Top U.S. Contractor

November 16th, 2015

MEI Rigging & Crating has been recognized by Turner Logistics as a distinguished subcontractor at their local Dallas banquet and awards night. Turner Logistics selects a few of the best from among over 400 subcontractors in the greater Dallas region to recognize at their annual awards banquet in Texas. MEI Rigging & Crating was recognized for their outstanding work in providing rigging, crating, and related project management services.

The selection of standout companies is made not by a purchasing department, but by the project managers and individuals at Turner Logistics who work directly with the firms and their staff. MEI is proud to have been recognized for their contribution to Turner Logistics business. Chuck Lane, who received the award on behalf of MEI Rigging & Crating said , “MEI’s “Built On Commitment” philosophy isn’t just words on an employee handbook or webpage. The commitments are very real, and executed daily.”

Recognized as the largest general contractor in the country, Turner Construction’s relationship with MEI Rigging & Crating goes back to 2008 and has been built to last. MEI is Turner Logistics’ source for rigging, shipping, handling, and crating. Turner’s award team specifically called out MEI Rigging and Crating’s continued efforts to continuously improve and be an example for all regarding customer service and support.

“MEI exemplifies the intent of this award through their culture of commitment to customer service.” said Patrick Little, Turner Construction Logistics Director, “I can’t think of a firm more deserving of this award from Turner Logistics.”

About Turner Logistics

Starting in the conceptual design/budgeting phase, Turner’s purchasing team considers both the technical and commercial aspects of procurement. Their established relationships with 200 of the nation’s leading manufacturing firms as well as our network of global-supplier partners allow Turner to source high-quality, competitively priced construction materials.