Versa-Lift Services

Versa-Lift 40/60

The 40/60 Versalift can lift  40,000 pounds with the base retracted or up to 60,000 pounds with the base extended. Built with maneuverability, power, and ease of use in mind, the 40/60 can handle a wide range of jobs.

60/80 Versa-Lift

The Versa Lift 60/80 can handle loads of 60,000 pounds with the base retracted and up to 100,000 pounds with the counterweight fully extended. The hydraulic boom attachment gives the Versa Lift 60/80 crane capability. The Versa-Lift 60/80 is extremely maneuverable and powerful for the heaviest jobs.

Versatility and Lift Capacity

The Versa-Lift is a unique forklift in which the frame extends in order to achieve greater capacities and is equipped with a removable hydraulic boom. The Versa-Lift was designed specifically for moving heavy machinery smoothly and safely on solid surfaces for riggers.

Versa-Lift 25/35