Industrial Project Management & Coordination

Turnkey Project Coordination & Management

More than just Rigging & Crating:

Our experienced project managers will work closely with you to create an efficient commercial move plan. During your move, our on-site project managers will ensure a smooth, responsive, and successful implementation, while taking appropriate measures to protect your valuable equipment.

In addition to rigging, hoisting, moving, and crating services, MEI can assist in all phases of your project including:

  • Packing and loading;
  • Storage and warehousing;
  • Export packing, crating, and documentation;
  • Blocking and bracing of ocean containers;
  • Third-party vendor liaison;
  • Dangerous Goods Declarations for IATA, ICAO, IMDG, and US DOT.
Removing Flight Simulator

Removing Flight Simulator.

Responsive Industrial Solutions

Industrial moves require creative thinking and experience to avoid common mistakes, as well as planning for the unexpected. With industrial services that go beyond rigging and crating, we are also experts in installation and project management. By providing turnkey factory relocation, MEI Rigging & Crating is the one-stop shop for your next commercial or industrial project. Whether it’s a single-machine, or an entire plant move, our team has the skills and expertise to seamlessly coordinate your move from start to finish.

Millwrighting Services & Certified Riggers

Together with our experienced project coordinators, MEI’s millwrights can dismantle, remove, crate, transport, unpack, align, level, repair, and reinstall your equipment; while our certified riggers can provide heavy equipment moving from one location to another.

Long & Short Term Storage

We can accommodate your project timelines by providing short-term, or long-term storage for your equipment at our warehouses located in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix.

Export Packing & Crating Services

If you’re shipping heavy machinery overseas, we also offer industrial and commercial export packing & crating services that adhere to ASTM and industry standards.

Let MEI help coordinate your next commercial or industrial move. We’ll take a partnership approach to make sure we know what your priorities are.

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  • Flight Simulator after Removal

    Flight Simulator after Removal

  • Vapor Barrier Bagging, and Crating

    Vapor Barrier Bagging, and Crating

  • Crated and Ready to Ship

    Crated and Ready to Ship