Trade show crates for the WWE

Trade Show Crates

Reusable Trade Show Crate Applications:

Our Wooden Trade Show Crates and Reusable Wood Crates have been successfully used in the following applications:


Partitions, Booth Décor, Lighting Display, Display racks, Display cases, Collapsible Tables/Chairs, Photographs, Artwork, Presentation Accessories


Televisions, LCD Monitors, Personal Computers, Laptop Computers, External Hardware,Projection Systems,Video Systems, Electronic Equipment


Machinery, Parts, Tools, Models, Props, Instruments, and Prototypes

Custom trade show crates

Custom Trade Show Crates for your needs

Custom Wood Trade Show Crates

Top quality reusable, wooden trade show crates custom designed by our experienced team to hold all of your exhibit equipment safely and securely for storage and travel.

Fully Reusable Wood Storage & Shipping Crates

Our reusable shipping crates focus on quality, ease of loading & unloading, and unsurpassed equipment protection.

  • Hinge, clasp, and lock options for trade show security
  • Custom crate compartments, interior shelves, drawers, guides
  • Foam cushions, protective interiors, crate padding, and lock downs
  • Ramp options
  • Custom handles & casters
  • Heat-treated lumber for international use
  • Trade Show Crates designed for storage or shipment
  • Butterfly latches, handles, hinges & other options
  • Meets ASTM & industry standards

Built on Commitment:  Integrity, Quality, Safety

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  • Trade show crate ramps, latches, casters

    Custom Ramp Trade Show Crate with latches, casters, and locks

  • Custom trade show crate

    Interior Crate has castors that roll down the supported ramp

  • Trade show crate interior cushioning

    Cushioning holds everything tightly in place during shipment.