Trade Show Crates

Custom Wood Trade Show Crates

Top-quality reusable, wooden trade show crates custom designed by our experienced team to hold all of your exhibit equipment safely and securely for storage and travel.

Fully Reusable Wood Storage & Shipping Crates

Our reusable shipping crates focus on quality, ease of loading & unloading, and unsurpassed equipment protection.

  • Hinge, clasp, and lock options for trade show security
  • Custom crate compartments, interior shelves, drawers, guides
  • Foam cushions, protective interiors, crate padding, and lockdowns
  • Ramp options
  • Custom handles & casters
  • Heat-treated lumber for international use
  • Trade Show Crates designed for storage or shipment
  • Butterfly latches, handles, hinges & other options
  • Meets ASTM & industry standards

Reusable Trade Show Crate Applications:

Our Wooden Trade Show Crates and Reusable Wood Crates have been successfully used in the following applications:


Partitions, Booth Décor, Lighting Display, Display racks, Display cases, Collapsible Tables/Chairs, Photographs, Artwork, Presentation Accessories


Televisions, LCD Monitors, Personal Computers, Laptop Computers, External Hardware, Projection Systems, Video Systems, Electronic Equipment


Machinery, Parts, Tools, Models, Props, Instruments, and Prototypes