Military Crates - ASTM Crates from MEI serving the Southwest US in TX, AZ & UT

Military Crates - ASTM Crates

Types of Military Boxes & Crates

  • (PPP-B-621) Wooden boxes, nailed, lock-corner
  • (PPP-B-601)(ASTM-D6251) Boxes, wood cleated plywood
  • (ASTM-D6039) Crates, wood, open and covered
  • (MIL-C-104) Crates, wood: Lumber & plywood, sheathed, nailed & bolted
  • Custom MIL Spec Hardware, rope handles, corrugated & wooden inserts
  • Vacuum Sealing (MIL-C-131 class I, II & III)

Specializing in Custom Crates for all Purposes

Military Crates – Military Packaging

MEI builds military crates, military spec packaging, and Aerospace Packaging as requested. Our military specification (Mil-Spec) packaging specialists have been trained to interpret all standards and SPI’s as well as complete all required labeling and documentation. We can handle jobs of any size from the time they leave your warehouse until they reach their final destination.

MEI Rigging and Crating can package parts in accordance with military specifications.

Our specialists have well over 25 years of military packaging experience working with government specifications and have the knowledge and packaging materials to handle every type of government packaging requirement.

We will help you fulfill military crating and military packaging specifications and Special Packaging Instructions (SPI’s).

MEI Aerospace Packaging Solutions

Whether it is very large, delicate wing assemblies, door crates or wheel assemblies, MEI's extensive experience in providing wood crates and corrugated boxes to protect your valuable cargo. Aerospace packaging can be completed with foam linings and contoured supports necessary to meet all manufacturer and government packaging specifications.

Military Packaging, Boxes are made to DOD specs.

Built on Commitment:  Integrity, Quality, Safety

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  • Custom Wooden Crates for your every Need

    Custom Wooden Crates for your every Need

  • ISPM 15 Export Shipping Crates

    ISPM 15 Export Shipping Crates

  • Export Packing and Crating for International Shipments

    Export Packing and Crating for International Shipments