Protection and Cost is all in the Design

Your cargo or equipment may be too specialized or valuable to relegate to standard storage. Custom, wooden storage crates solve multiple challenges, serving as protection for both shipment and storage.

Reusable storage crates save valuable floor space in any production facility or warehouse, by allowing you to stack items not currently in use.

Storage crates need to be designed for long term loads, including stacking in a wide range of environments. Appropriate equipment packaging, such as vapor barrier bagging or cushioning and tie downs should also be considered.

Your custom storage crate will be designed and constructed with Kiln dried ISPM 15 lumber. MEI’s team will take an inventory of your items to be stored, and design and build your crates considering both space efficiency, cost and protection of your goods.

MEI’s expert designers plan and engineer custom wooden storage crates and interior cargo protection.  We design and test the wooden crates to meet any storage or transport conditions.

Storage Crates – Built On-Site or at Our Warehouse

We build storage crates on-site or at our warehouse, and provide maximum protection.  We can build shelves, braces, handles, hinges, wheels, and other specialty protection for your cargo.

We have the expertise and experience to solve all of your custom wood crating and packaging needs.

Custom Wood Storage & Shipping Crates include:

Custom wood storage

MEI’s teams will design and build storage crates, production crates, and custom crates.

Superior Design and Cargo Protection

  • Wooden storage crates protect valuable merchandise and equipment.
  • Wooden storage crates can be custom made as stackable boxes, with options like removable tops,  casters, carrying handles, top or door latches, and locks.
  • Wooden storage crates can save room by stacking 3-4 crates high with a forklift.
  • MEI will take inventory and design and build custom storage crates that fit within your space parameters.  We will provide drawings and specifications to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Cargo protection

Superior Design and Cargo Protection