Oil Field Equipment Rigging and Crating

Oil Field Equipment Rigging and Crating


MEI offers a wide range of services to the Oil Field Industry, specializing in rigging and export preparation of oil field equipment.

Oil Equipment Crate being loaded for export shipment

MEI will prepare your oil field equipment shipment for export

Move your Drilling and Production Equipment in Safety.

Heavy, Specialized, and Sensitive- for Shipment or Export

Oil Field, Drilling and Natural Gas Equipment takes an experienced team to rig, pack and crate. Drilling Equipment, Pumps, Well Control and Pipes and Pipe handling equipment are all heavy and awkwardly sized. MEI's rigging teams are trained and equipped to rig, move, and prepare Oil Equipment for shipment or export.

MEI has rigged, moved or crated:

  • Pumps, incl Mud Pumps
  • Pipes and pipe spinners
  • Separators
  • Drills 
  • Compressors, Reciprocating Compressors, Gas Engines
  • Pumping Units
  • Rigs and Rig components

Oil Equipment Export Cargo Packing - Build Requirements

Packing and crating natural gas and oil field equiment for export requires stronger build requirements.  

Oil Field Drilling Equipment Crated

Additional Oil Industry Services:

MEI also offers blocking and bracing of ocean containers 
and Crate Stamps and Export Documentation

Built on Commitment:  Integrity, Quality, Safety

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  • Boxed items are often shrink wrapped for protection.

    Boxed items are often shrink wrapped for protection.

  • Oil Equipment Hoodbox on Metal Frame

    Hoodbox on Metal Frame

  • Large drilling equipment is often Hood boxed

    Large items are often Hood boxed