Industrial Millwright Services

MEI Millwright & Installation Services offer machinery & mechanical installation, alignment, relocation or removal of industrial equipment with precision. Our contracted Millwright Services offer maintenance, repairs, or modifications to ensure equipment operates efficiently.

From small jobs to complex projects –  MEI’s experienced Millwrights will strategize with you to save money, minimize scheduling conflicts, safely complete the project, and ensure maximum efficiency.

Projects Completed by MEI Rigging & Crating Millwrights:

MEI’s Millwrighting Services

Industrial Machinery Installation

New or replacement heavy industrial machinery requires experienced and skilled installation. Our experienced Millwrights are familiar with a variety of machinery and heavy-duty equipment. Using quantifiable information to plan, problem solve & make educated decisions, MEI Millwrights:

  • Review schematics and service manuals
  • Utilize rigging equipment and dollies to place heavy machinery and parts
  • Precisely fit bearings, align gears and shafts, attach motors, and connect couplings and belts
  • Align and test equipment, making any necessary adjustments
  • Perform predictive and operational procedures
  • Repair or replace defective parts
  • Service and repair hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Machinery Maintenance & Contract Services

Millwright Services are available on an hourly or long-term basis for routine maintenance and preventive services. Our skilled Millwrights work safely and efficiently according to your detailed maintenance plan. All necessary labor and supervision, tooling, equipment, parts; as well as materials required to perform electrical, mechanical, piping, rigging, and on-site fabrication work can be provided.

Millwright Services - Machine Maintenance

MEI Rigging & Crating Industrial Millwright Services:

  • Machinery installation, moving and removal
  • Mechanical Installation & Retrofitting
  • Laser Precision Leveling & Alignment
  • Turnkey relocations
  • Industrial Plant Maintenance & Repair
MEI Skilled Millwright Workers

MEI Industrial Millwrights have installed & maintained:

  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Production lines
  • Packaging equipment
  • Power generators
  • Oil and gas distribution
  • Fab equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Conveyor systems
  • Foodservice
  • Fan balance
Millwright Services - Machinery Leveling

Benefits of hiring MEI Millwrights

  • Readily available skilled personnel
  • Cost savings, using contracted services, improve your bottom line
  • Minimize downtime with ongoing & preventative maintenance

Did you know?

For centuries, the term Millwright was originally used to describe expert craftsmen who possessed a superior working knowledge of mechanical arts, especially in the design and construction of mills. These were the earliest of engineers who understood mathematics & geometry.