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Precision and High Skill Millwright Services by MEI Rigging & Crating TX, AZ, UT

Precision and High Skill Millwright Services

Precision Equipment Installation

  • Install and align heavy industrial equipment
  • Laser leveling
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Extensive install, dismantle, maintenance and repair experience
  • Provide long-term maintenance program and preventive maintenance services
Experienced MEI Millwright in a Cleanroom Setting

Experienced MEI Millwright in a Cleanroom Setting

Equipment Installation

Highly skilled MEI Millwrights remove, relocate de-install, install or align any piece of equipment or machinery with precision and safety. A millwright precision-fits machinery to very tight tolerances. The millwright installs and aligns heavy industrial machinery, including conveyor systems, production lines, packaging equipment, electric generators, and fab equipment, and ensures that they operate efficiently. When that equipment or machinery requires maintenance, repairs or modifications, millwrights perform those services.

MEI Millwrighting Service

MEI offers millwright contracting services with extensive experience to install, dismantle, maintain, or repair equipment and machinery in a wide variety of industries including heavy industry, light industry, packaging lines, commercial equipment. We work in production, packaging, fabrication and manufacturing plants with all aspects of mechanical machine maintenance set up and commissioning.

  • New machine installations
  • Machine alignment
  • Equipment overhaul, repairs, and installation
  • Machine set up and alignment
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic systems
  • Fans, pumps, gearboxes
  • Robots, palletizers, conveyors, cartoners, fillers and more. We dismantle packaging lines too!

In addition, MEI provides on-site services:

  • Long-term full-service maintenance programs
  • Preventive maintenance

Built on Commitment:  Integrity, Quality, Safety

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