Extensive Experience in Industrial Rigging and Heavy Moving

We can move it for you.

De-install, rig, crate, re-rig, install.  We have you covered for industrial rigging.  Commitment to customer service, and outstanding project management.

The experienced, professional riggers at MEI Rigging & Crating can:

  • Hoist a 20,000-pound CNC milling machine out of a hole in the roof
  • Move a delicate piece of cleanroom equipment across a fab, or across the world
  • Install  a 38,000-pound pharmaceutical sterilizer
  • Helicopter a new HVAC unit on top of a high-rise building
  • Relocate an MRI scanner from a hospital to its new home in a satellite imaging center

Industrial Rigging & Commercial Rigging

  • Presses, lathes, milling, & industrial equipment
  • Packaging & production lines
  • Packing, rigging, skidding, & moving
  • Shipping coordination

 Experience that Delivers: On Time, On Budget

  • Industrial Rigging is a specialized field. MEI’s experienced team will deliver results on time, flawlessly
  • Safety is paramount. Safety for your people, your equipment,  your property, & our team
  • The right equipment and the right training are essential to getting the job done right
  • Project management is critical.  Planning the work and working the plan. Knowing what and who is needed when and where