Industrial Crane Rigging & Crane Services

Crane Rigging & Crane Services 

Experts in Crane Rigging of Equipment

  • We can safely provide crane rigging services from 15 to 600 tons with 220 feet of boom capacity
  • Large, small, tight spaces, heavy lifts
  • Supporting large logistics companies to smaller, local businesses for single moves
Industrial Crane Rigging Services

MEI is your partner in industrial crane rigging, equipment moving, millwrighting, and factory relocations

Industrial Crane Services

MEI’s expert teams perform all kinds of crane services and rigging services. When your job calls for crane service, MEI will provide complete coordination.

Safety, Efficiency, and Coordination for Large Logistics Companies, or Stand-Along Equipment Moves

MEI is a crane and heavy moving equipment specialists. We will work with your team to get the right crane to the job, and get the move done efficiently and effectively.  MEI supports large logistics management companies as well as supporting smaller, local businesses. We have handled projects ranging from setting air conditioning units to data center installations and even a telescope mock-up. 

Experts in Crane Rigging of Equipment

Tight spaces, high lifts, heavy equipment; we’ve done it.

Built on Commitment:  Integrity, Quality, Safety

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