MEI’s Crating Design Team Delivers Innovative New Approach 

Creating Custom Carts from Display Skids for Production Line Efficiency

MARCH 16, 2017, DALLAS, TX --

You don’t put the cart before the horse any more than you design a custom skid without consulting the design team at MEI Rigging & Crating.

Great solutions come from tackling hard material handling and crating challenges with top notch design and creative approaches. Working with MEI Rigging and Crating in the early design phase can create more opportunities for productive crating and functional transportation solutions.

Popular Ink came to MEI with a problem handling the rolls for their new print line. They had a vision to improve their production line and protect their equipment, but didn’t know how to accomplish it. It was up to MEI’s crating design team to make their company an efficient, money saving roll storage system. The client had tried a prototype metal carts designed and built it in house, but it didn’t meet the quality, safety and durability they needed. Popular Ink reached out to Josh Welch at MEI’s Dallas office to improve their design and after collaboration with Greg McLain from Popular Ink he had other ideas.

MEI took the original cart concept, but dug deeper, asking about how the custom production cart would actually be used, stored and reused. They looked at the prototype in action, and suggested a totally different approach, standing the rolls vertically rather than horizontally helping to protect the rolls better while making it easier to get the rolls on and off. MEI’s crating team designed the concept using a commercial skid then added custom supports and a handle to make a reusable cart. MEI’s design has increased productivity for Popular Ink, far exceeding the original specifications. Popular Ink went from one prototype skid to twelve currently in use today.

“Our display and crating design team is made up of some of the best in the industry;” says Josh Welch, MEI Rigging & Crating Dallas Sales Manager, “popular Ink is more than satisfied with the quality and design of our skids.”

MEI’s Crating division specializes in Tradeshow crates, reusable crates, export crating and packing and conventional wooden crates.

What Customers Say

"MEI's Team performed in a safe, professional, and outstanding manner." "… the job was completed above my expectations and faster than I thought possible. At all times they were neat and worked safely. I was very impressed with the crew. They acted as one team and displayed very professional attitudes the entire time."

Popular ink Fact Sheet

Full Name: Popular Ink LLC
Date & Lenght of Project: 5 days to source material, build and deliver
Equipment Used: Standard Crating Tools. Delivered in Bobtail Truck
What was Equipment Used For: Buidling Customized Skids and Carts
What was being Moved:  Customer is using Unique Skids and Carts to transport and dispense their different variety of printed ink rolls


Print and convert flexible packaging materials using a process called flexography.  They utlize CMYK process, comgination screens and link work up to 10 colors. 

Its all about elevating customer's brand imagage and providing a packaing solution that competitors will envy. 

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