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MEI Rigs and Prepares a 90,000 Lb. Press for Trans-Pacific Shipment to China

September 19, 2016, DALLAS, TX --

90,000 Lb. Press Move

According to physicists, a breaking wave can apply a pressure of up to 6000 pounds per square foot!  For MEI employees, disconnecting and moving a 90,000lb. press machine had its own type of pressure. In this case, the pressure was managing the moving this machine across the Pacific Ocean to China. 

Two Flatbeds, 3 Containers

It took 2 flatbed trucks and 3 ocean containers to move the partially disassembled press from Springdale, Arkansas to the Port of Houston before making a 3-week safe journey across the ocean as an export to China. The containers and crates traveled first class with plenty of cushion. All electronics and machines packaged by the MEI Dallas crating team include cushioned bases.

“This project was a huge undertaking simply due to the size and complexity of the large Grabener "1000 Ton Press" machine,” says Kenny Poovey, MEI Rigging & Crating Dallas Crating Manager, “the rigging team carefully match-marked each item for smooth reassembly upon arrival in China, a hallmark of our turnkey millright and relocation services.

The rigging for this heavy endeavor involved two 40/60 Versa-lift forklifts and one crane which was used to remove machines and ancillary equipment from the original location. The machines and ancillary equipment were then dissembled and all components were lifted onto custom cushioned crate bases to load onto the arriving truck or container for final shipping.

What Customers Say

"MEI's Team performed in a safe, professional, and outstanding manner." "… the job was completed above my expectations and faster than I thought possible. At all times they were neat and worked safely. I was very impressed with the crew. They acted as one team and displayed very professional attitudes the entire time."

Project Name/Customer Name: Apex Tool Group in Arkansas
Length of Project: 2 Weeks
Tools used: Two 40/60 Versa-lift forklifts,  1 Crane,  2 Flatbed trucks and 3 Ocean Containers
What was being moved: 90,000lb. press and all support/ancillary equipment
MEI Services Used: Cleaning, Crating, Rigging, Onsite Labor and Millwright Services including match marking of all components during disassembly for smooth re-assembly in China, the final destination
Unique aspect: For most, moving something that weighs 90,000 lbs. would be very unique, but moving really heavy object carefully is just part of MEI's capabilities. 
Moved to/From: Moved to China through the Port of Houston from Springdale, Arkansas


Apex Tool Group (ATG) is one of the largest manufacturers of professional hand and power tools in the world, serving the industrial, vehicle service and assembly, aerospace, electronics, construction and serious DIY markets.