MEI Relocates Itself to New Braunfels, TX to Better Serve Region


If the popular rock band, “Loverboy”’s big 80’s hit was named, “Working [ON] the Weekend” it would be an appropriate soundtrack for MEI Rigging & Crating San Antonio’s recent move of its San Antonio/ Austin office from Schertz, TX to New Braunfels, TX.

The move of the local home base for MEI Rigging and Crating absolutely had to happen over a short weekend as MEI would not compromise the workweek and the work their customers have come to expect. Their top priority was and is keeping client moving projects on time and on budget.

MEI Rigging and Crating moved their entire facility, including all of the stored MEI customer property in their local warehouse, and MEI’s own Rigging and Crating equipment, along with office furniture, in just two days, using just 6 forklifts and 5 tractor-trailers, making round trips of about 30 loads.

The New Braunfels location for their machinery moving and packing and crating business, including warehousing, will more than double the space MEI had at their old location, expanding from 22,000 square feet to 49,000 square feet. More importantly, MEI can better service storage needs for its industry customers with easier road access and expanded more flexible storage space.

“We have immense pride in being able to better service our customers in the San Antonio and Austin regions, says Todd Hovis, MEI Rigging & Crating San Antonio Regional Manager. “This move not only doubled our space but puts us more centrally located in our service region, better able to serve our growing base of manufacturing customers.”

Projects Facts

Full Name: San Antonio/Austin Relocation of Regional Office
Length of Project: 1 Weekend
Tools/Equipment Used: 6 Forklifts (2- 15K’s, 8 & 10K’s, 25/35, 40/60 and 5 Tractor-Trailers
What was moved: All stored customer property and MEI equipment and Funiture
Moved To/From: New Braunfels, TX from Schertz, TX
Distance Moved: 19 Miles

What Customers Say
“MEI's Team performed in a safe, professional, and outstanding manner." "… the job was completed above my expectations and faster than I thought possible. At all times they were neat and worked safely. I was very impressed with the crew. They acted as one team and displayed very professional attitudes the entire time.”