Wood Shipping Crate for Export shipping of Oil Equipment.

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Wood Shipping Crates & Containers

Packing & Crating Services:

Export Packing & Crating

MEI provides international packing and crating for air, land and sea shipments. Export shipments have a special set of requirements. The experts at MEI meet or exceed all international packaging and wood requirements. Specialties for Export Packaging & Crating include:

Packing and crating for export requires stronger build requirements.

 "Besides the normal handling encountered in domestic transportation, a breakbulk shipment transported by ocean freight may be loaded aboard vessels in a net or by a sling, conveyor, or chute, that puts an added strain on the package. During the voyage, goods may be stacked on top of or come into violent contact with other goods. Overseas, handling facilities may be less sophisticated than in the United States and the cargo could be dragged, pushed, rolled, or dropped during unloading, while moving through customs, or in transit to the final destination."  -Export.gov  

Telescope packing and crating for shipment to Mexico

Packing and crating a telescope for shipment to Mexico

MEI has packed and crated a wide variety of cargo. From entire semiconductor factories for export, the NASA space shuttle trainer, oil field rigging equipment, flight simulators, data center server racks, generators, telescopes, presses, lathes and mills, production lines, and more. Our experts in export packing, shipping and rigging services offer a full range of commercial and industrial packaging and crating services.

Less Stress, No Surprises.

MEI's expert team will help you choose the best and most cost-effective way to protect and ship your cargo. We handle all the details of your project so you don’t have to worry about it!  We custom package and provide crating services for most any commodity from artwork, medical equipment, computers, electronic equipment, heavy machinery and more.

No matter what you need packed or crated, the professionals at MEI will work with you through every step of your project.

Packing & Crating Featured Project:

MEI Dallas Uses Acre of Outside Secured Storage to Coordinate Containerizing 36 Trucks with 720,000 Lbs. of Cargo

The challenge: Move 720,000 pounds of machinery in more than 700 crates and load into shipping containers in three days. It took weeks of planning, an experienced team, 36 flatbed trucks, and a full acre of secured storage area for staging at MEI’s Dallas yard in Plano, Texas. Read more...

Shipping Container Blocking & Bracing Services

What Customers Have To Say

"MEI's Team performed in a safe, professional, and outstanding manner." "… the job was completed above my expectations and faster than I thought possible. At all times they were neat and worked safely. I was very impressed with the crew. They acted as one team and displayed very professional attitudes the entire time."

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MEI Provides Turn-Key Services including:

Read more about MEI's Turnkey Project Coordination & Project Management, your one-stop packing & crating company.

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Our stellar performance record, coupled with our professionalism, attention to detail, and experience, brings our customers back again and again for all their rigging and moving needs.

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For the right job, MEI packing & crating experts will go anywhere in America. We're positioned for quick, cost-effective response from our locations in Texas, Arizona, and Utah.

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  • Custom Wood Crates used for packing and crating

    Custom Wood Crates

  • Custom cushion and packing for cargo protection

    Custom cushion and packing for cargo protection

  • Ocean Container Blocking and Bracing

    Ocean Container Blocking and Bracing