Industrial Heat Shrink Film for Protection

Shipment and Storage Protection with Industrial Heat Shrink Film

MEI provides industrial shrink film services to protect cargo for shipment or storage. We shrink wrap industrial machines, heavy equipment, and large cargo for weather protection. Shrink film provides a barrier to some moisture and debris. The shrinking process forms an effective seal around odd shaped, large or cumbersome objects for storage or transport.

Applications for Industrial Heat Shrink Film Services

MEI’s shrink film service is for equipment that needs to be covered for seasonal storage out of doors, or for shipping items that don’t require a full crate for protection but need a cover from rain and debris during transport.

About Heat Shrink Wrap:

The hot air produced by a heat gun is used to heat seam and seal sheets of shrink wrap film together forming a large impermeable barrier around the rigid or semi-rigid framework upon which it is installed. The shrink wrap film shrinks up to 30% to form a tough, tight weather-proof barrier which will virtually contain 100% of sandblast, paint, lead or asbestos residuals, dust and debris.