Export Shipping Crates

Service-Centric & Customer Committed

MEI expert teams design & build export shipping crates as well as pack, protect, and load your cargo. As a world-renowned export crating company, we provide top-quality packing and crating services.

Protecting Your Cargo – Minimize Costs

MEI has the skills and tools to protect your equipment, whether for shipment by land, sea or air or for long term storage.

Maximum Protection:

Our design experts know how to design in the right level of protection, whether your cargo is bolted, strapped, lashed, padded, cushioned, braced, with or without tilt and shock monitors and moisture barriers.  Vacuum Packing, Vapor Barrier, & Waterproofing

Minimizing Costs:

We design our crates to minimize shipment costs with both cube and linear dimensions, while not compromising on protection.

International Crates, Export Crates, and Container Preparation, ISPM 15

ISPM 15 Compliant Export Shipping Crates, Export Crates

All wood products used for export crating and shipping outside the United States must be ISPM 15 compliant and certified with the proper stamp containing the required IPPC symbol. If requested, a letter of certification will accompany all shipments.

Military Crating, Military Crates, and Military Boxes

Military Crating Specialists: Military Packaging, Boxes made to DOD specs.

Custom and Certification Crate Stamping:

We can stamp crates to certify that they are heat-treated to meet IPPC ISPM 15 standards, as well as custom stamps. labels or markings as requested.


Export Packing and Shipping Specialists

  • Export Crates
  • ISPM 15 Crates
  • Blocking and Bracing Ocean Containers
  • Export Documentation
  • Crate Stamps
  • Vapor Barrier and Weatherproofing
  • Hood Boxing
  • Industrial Shrink Wrap
  • Reusable and Production Crates
  • Electronics and Sensitive Equipment Crates
  • Cushioned, Floating Deck Crates with Tilt and Shock Monitors

Expert Design and Build Teams

We take on jobs that others can’t touch: Large items, hazardous, difficult to pack, sensitive equipment, electronic equipment. Crates for shipping outside the United States must be ISPM 15 compliant AND Military Crating Specialists: Military Packaging, Boxes made to DOD specs.