Crate Stamps, Labels, & Export Documents

Handling and Address Labels,  Stenciling Available for all Crates

Custom stenciling or marking of your export or domestic crates in 1/2″,  3/4″  or 1″  lettering.

Crate Custom and Certification Stamping:

We stamp our crates to certify that they are heat-treated to meet IPPC ISPM 15 standards.  Every crate is stamped to exceed the spec, twice on the base and once on each panel, and on all blocking and bracing.

Export Documentation for Overseas Shipping Crates

Dangerous Goods Declarations

  • International Air Transport Assoc. (IATA)
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG)
  • U.S. Dept. of Transportation (DOT)

 International Customs Stamping:

We can stamp crates to certify that they are heat-treated to meet IPPC ISPM 15 standards, as well as customs stamps, labels, or markings as requested.

 ISPM15 Markings

  • The markings must be within a rectangular border with a vertical line separating the IPPC logo from the identifying data.
  • The borderlines may be solid or broken, and the corners may be rounded.
  • XX – indicates a two letter ISO country code
  • OOOO – the next series of letters/numbers is the unique identification mark of the wood treatment agent or packaging manufacturer. The number of letters or digits may vary according to each country.
  • The country code and treatment agent or manufacturer code must be separated by a hyphen.
  • YY – This indicates the type of treatment, and will either be HT (Heat Treatment) or MB (Methyl Bromide).
Export Shipping Crates with Custom labels, ISPM 15 Markings, and export documentation

Custom Wood Crates

  • Export Crates
  • Trade Show Crates
  • Shipping Crates
  • Industrial Crates
  • Ramp Crates
  • Commercial Crates
  • Crate Furniture
  • Display Crates
  • LCD Display Crates
  • Electronics and Sensitive Equipment Crates
  • Production Crates