Shipping Container Loading

Professional Shipping Container Loading

Blocking Ocean containers,  Barrier Packaging,  Professional Container Loading specialists. Protect your equipment by having it properly secured, packaged and loaded.

MEI’s well-trained teams, based on our 30 years of experience will package your cargo in large standardized containers for protection and efficient shipping and handling.

Blocking, Bracing Ocean Containers

Reduce the risk of damage – MEI barrier bags and braces your cargo prior to container loading, and then blocks and braces it properly.  Our blocking and bracing methods reduce the risk of cargo damage during transit.

Your valuable containerized goods are going to be tossed and turned on the ocean so you don’t want your cargo rattling around in the container. We will load the container and block and brace your cargo to protect it. We have many years of experience in loading, lashing, blocking and bracing machinery, electronics, sensitive equipment, vehicles and much more.

Container load securing is simply not the physical securing of freight using friction and tight-fit methods. Instead, it should be taken to be the “Safety of loads and protection against potential damage by loads” and should cover:

  • Protection of the goods against all forms of damage and/or
  • Protection of the environment against potentially damaging effects of the cargo.

MEI takes an all-inclusive approach when planning for container loading is critical to getting the design and implementation right.

CTU Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTU Code)

Packing containers and cargo securing in or on containers must be carried out in accordance with the “CTU packing guidelines” published by the International Maritime Organization. Many incidents in transport are attributed to poor practices in the packing of cargo transport units, including inadequate securing of the cargo, overloading and incorrect declaration of contents.

Cargo Protection

Shippers need to understand the importance of blocking and bracing of all cargo.  Shippers who fail to block and brace their shipments properly risk significant problems, including:
  • Damage to the cargo
  • Damage to the ship or aircraft or neighboring cargo
  • Accidents that cause injury or death

A ship at sea encounters motions that can shift cargo, including rolling side to side, pitching front to back, surging forward, heaving up and down and yawing (irregular motion).