MEI's Mission - Built On Commitment

Our Values 

Integrity – How we conduct ourselves and our business: speaking honestly; acting ethically; inspiring trust by saying what we mean and matching our behaviors to our words; taking responsibility and expecting accountability for our actions.

Commitment – The act of binding ourselves to a course of action: what transforms a promise in to reality; the daily triumph of integrity over convenience; intention in action; the manifestation of our dedication to our customers, team, and shareholders; we are Built On Commitment.

Results – The manifestation of our efforts and the method by which we evaluate the effective execution of our vision, mission and values: success is measured by both the outcome and the path to achieving it; we set aggressive goals, pursuing them tenaciously and tracking our performance regularly; we are passionate about winning — for our customers, team and shareholders; no excuses and no shortcuts.

Professionalism – The impression we make on a customer or business associate: appearance, demeanor, reliability, competence, communication skills, poise, accountability; measured, thoughtful, deliberate and able to finish; we instill confidence by our approach, methods and actions.

Safety The focused effort to control risk, avoid personal in-jury and eliminate danger: our number one priority in all we do; alert, aware, mindful and well trained; a focus both on ourselves and those around us; isolate, reduce and eliminate the risk; evaluate, plan, monitor and review; we strive for zero injuries and report all near misses immediately; safety starts with me.

Respect– How we treat others, both inside and outside of the company: open, honest and direct in our interactions; desiring and welcoming a diversity of experience, perspectives and opinions; showing appropriate appreciation for each other’s contributions; when we differ, we differ well.

Integrity, Quality, Safety- Rigging and Crating Services You Can Count On.

Integrity, Quality, Safety- Rigging and Crating Services You Can Count On.

MEI Exists To:

  • Provide outstanding value to our customers through a superior portfolio of products, services and problem solving capabilities;
  • Provide a challenging and rewarding work experience for the benefit of our employees and their families;
  • Provide a vehicle for building exceptional value over time for our owners and investors.

Our employees are our single greatest asset. We strive to create an environment where each individual is treated equally and with respect, and is shown proper and suitable appreciation for their efforts and loyalty.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and our most intrinsically rewarding experience.

We build business relationships, both inside and outside of the firm, based upon respect, integrity, honesty, and high moral standards.

We provide products and services that assist in optimizing the businesses of our customers. We constantly seek to provide new and innovative solutions to their problems and needs.

We place the highest of value on our relationships with customers and vendors and are loyal to those companies and individuals that support MEI, our policies and our principles.

We seek to be a responsible and productive member of the communities in which we are located. Providing stable and rewarding employment to area residents is our greatest contribution toward that goal.

Built on Commitment:  Integrity, Quality, Safety

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