MEI Millwright Services & Contracted Millwrights

Industrial Millwright Services & Mechanical Installation

Moving across town or country? MEI's team of millwrights install & maintain a variety of machinery across the nation including:

  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Production lines
  • Packaging equipment
  • Power generators
  • Oil and gas distribution
  • Fab equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • HVAC & Refrigeration
  • Conveyor systems
  • Foodservice
  • Retrofits
  • Fan balance

...and so much more! CALL (877) 858-3270 TODAY!


Did you know?

For centuries, the term Millwright was originally used to describe expert craftsmen who possessed a superior working knowledge of mechanical arts, especially in the design and construction of mills. These were the earliest of engineers who understood mathematics & geometry.

MEI Industrial Millwright Services offer the most reliable & experienced machinery & mechanical installation in the nation. Working directly with our customers, MEI will assess your project, create an efficient plan, and execute the job safely and on-time. Our contracted Millwright Services & Plant Maintenance offer maintenance, repairs, or modifications to ensure equipment operates efficiently.


Downtime = Lost $$ We know that downtime means lost revenue, and no matter the size of the job, MEI's industrial millwrights will strategize with you to save money, minimize scheduling conflicts and safely complete the project. Through our expertise in reducing plant repair costs, by continually improving and upgrading your maintenance strategies, MEI has become the choice by major corporations to keep their plants operating at maximum efficiency.

MEI's rigging, crating and warehouse facilities make us well positioned to support the relocation of production & manufacturing facilities in a variety of industries. Our millwright teams serve major industrial corporations with millwright & mechanical installation services nationwide from locations based in Texas, Utah & Arizona.

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