In the true start-up tradition, MEI began in a garage.

MEI Rigging & Crating began modestly; in 1990, Bruce and Julie Marler opened up a side business fabricating metal parts and assemblies, calling it B&J Fabrication, while Bruce  Marler continued to work primarily as a high steel rigger. Eight years later, in 1998, Bruce and Julie purchased a machinery moving and installation business that they merged with their existing business and named it Marler Enterprises, Inc. or MEI.

Expansion to Serve the Entire West and Southwest

Current management, led by Dan Cappello, purchased the business in 2004. Dan and his team responded to strong customer demand for MEI’s unique approach to customer commitment by expanding into new markets. Demand for semiconductor rigging and factory relocations brought them to Salt Lake City in 2006, and a merger with Nationwide Rigging and Crating expanded the business to Dallas, Texas in 2007. During the next 3 years, increased demand prompted MEI to open two more locations, in Houston, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona in 2010, and an additional expansion to San Antonio Austin in 2011.

Continued Growth with new Markets and Services

MEI has continued to grow the business, serving clients all over the US, and expanding services to meet the needs of logistics coordinators, facilities managers, export managers, and companies for top quality, safety-minded work. MEI expanded its Houston facility in 2016 to offer secure warehousing services and expand export packing for the Port of Houston. Factory relocations, industrial, electronic and commercial construction equipment installations, turnkey industrial move coordination services, as well as crating and export packing services power MEI’s strong revenue growth and regional expansion. Focused on our clients and the future, MEI continues to seek opportunities that fit these strategic areas, including acquisitions that complement our core competencies and regional requirements.