Crating and Export Packing

Comprehensive Crating and Export Packing Services

We pack and crate valuable and complex equipment for onward transportation and protect it from damage, movement, climate, theft and other risks. Our skilled teams of carpenters and craftsmen possess deep domain knowledge with industry-specific techniques for optimally securing cargo and meeting or exceeding the most stringent international shipping requirements.



We design and fabricate custom crates to meet customers’ specific requirements. All lumber meets the ISPM 15 standard for export shipments with necessary export labels and documentation.


Export Packing

We provide a full range of commercial and industrial packing solutions from palletizing and skidding to container blocking and bracing. We pack in accordance with Cargo Transport Units (CTU) packing guidelines or other relevant international requirements.


On-Site Services

Our teams can deploy to customers’ facilities to pack and crate on-site, seamlessly integrating into existing processes while reducing transportation costs and ensuring continuous protection of valuable freight.