Built on Commitment

MEI has built its reputation upon a passion for outstanding customer service. We are a custom design, manufacturing, and service company. Giving customers what they want, when they want it, at a price that makes sense has been our value proposition since 1990.


As with any other company, MEI is defined by the quality of its employees. To achieve our mission requires employees that are skilled, versatile and extremely hard working. Add to those qualities professionalism and integrity and you have a description of the typical MEI associate. We value the efforts of all our employees and take care to ensure that our success as a company benefits each of them both individually and collectively.

Customer Relationships

At MEI, we view our customer relationships as true partnerships. Because much of the work we undertake requires some degree of customization, close interaction with the customer is vital to the success of any of our projects. We take great pains, pre-project or job, to involve the customer in order to fully understand both the scope of the work to be performed and the end use of the tool or service being considered. We look to our customers to partner with us, providing information and direction vital to the successful outcome of the work being performed. We seek to work for customers who appreciate a job well done and understand that only through a close association can a vendor understand the customer and their needs well enough to provide the desired result. As stated above, customer satisfaction is our passion and our greatest source of satisfaction. We take your satisfaction seriously and work best with customers who expect nothing less from their vendors.